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Try a Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson ride with the Camping Roquilles

Camping Roquilles suggest you try a Harley-Davidson during an unforgettable day way "Legend Cevennes Tour" to discover the Cevennes and beautiful scenery.

Boxes of experienced guides in small groups you will leave the camping Roquilles Palavas towards the Cevennes. In a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, you drive 200 to 250 km in the day, always at your pace because our tours are suitable for everyone!

You can choose from 10 new Harley-Davidson for your ride in one of the most beautiful regions of Europe but, if you wish, you can also join a group with your own Harley Davidson in limited places available.

Guests at Camping Roquilles you do not have extra trip!

Our packages "all inclusive" include

* Renting your Harley-Davidson
* Insurance (all risks, assistance, body driver)
* fuel
* The breakfast
* Aperitif return
* Accompanying

Not including :

* Lunch
* Mandatory equipment (helmet, jacket, gloves)
* Optional repatriation insurance.

The rate of the day "all inclusive" depends on the bike: from € 190 to € 350 and you can add additional days at reduced rates.

additional passenger € 50
Baptism € 80
Moto outside € 50
Package equipment € 30

Reservations can be made online through the website of Harley Tour Cevennes or directly

Camping Back Roquilles
267 bis, av. Saint Maurice, PALAVAS

Phone: 06 15 10 63 57 - 50 70 June 83
Email: contact@harleycevennestour.com

Payment: Credit card / cash only - (checks are not accepted)

* Security deposit by credit card - not cashed - 1500 euros

At your request, a photographer for group minimum of 6 bikes, do not hesitate to contact us!


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